SSB Interview 17 Hour Videos Lecture with Book

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SSB Interview Video Lectures is a 17-hour H.D video containing 26 different parts. It is the first of its kind in India and produced by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan the author of bestselling book SSB Interview: The Complete Guide. The video covers each and every test conducted at the SSB in great detail and each test has not only been explained but also demonstrated live with the help of participants. The author has explained in detail as to how to project the Officer Like Qualities in each test and what one should do and not do. Thus, this is the best product one must buy along with the book authored by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan. This is more than sufficient for a candidate with basic intelligence, to crack the SSB. If you still can’t crack it then you may not be having it in you and any amount of coaching in any academy will be pointless. Thus, this is the most cost-effective and the sure option for all aspirants. In any coaching academy each topic is taught only once and if you haven’t understood it or wrongly understood it, you can’t correct yourself. Several aspirants think that SSB is a physical test and requires a lot of practice. This is completely untrue. SSB is a test of intellect and your overall personality. Even the GTO tasks are based on intellect rather than physical aspects. Thus, any amount of physical practice will not help. All you need to know is the concept which can best be learnt through the SSB Video Tutorials. Finally, while you will spend more than Rs. 15,000/- in attending coaching classes, this video kit will come to you for just Rs. 2499/-. Be wise and choose the right option!!! 1. Compatible with a Unique Windows or Mac OS Laptop or a Desktop Only. If you want to test the quality of the product before making a decision, contact us right away at

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